Tour Description

The excitement begins as your guide picks you up in Belize City for a scenic ride into Belize City Tour with its colonial architecture and city highlights. This is a food sampler food tasting tour that highlights the core traditional foods of Belize.

Belize was formally known as British Honduras, as it was colonized by the British. The British found the Mopan Maya people on the land and they intermingled creating a new race called the Mestizo. The British invested in logging companies for hard woods and mahogany. This created the need for a bigger labor force and so they brought the West African people. They also intermingled and created the Creole race. Later on they brought the East Indians who had sugar technology and who stayed creating the sixth ethnic group of Belize. 

After your scenic drive through the Old Colonial City, we stop at a local restaurant to sample dishes from the 6 ethnic groups in Belize. Here you will be treated to a true taste of Belizean cuisine, including Conch Ceviche (Belize), Bean Empanadas (Maya), Escabeche or Chilmole (Mestizo), Curried Pork or Chicken with white rice (East Indian), Sere (Garifuna), and the national dish: Rice and Beans with Stewed Chicken (Creole). Cap off your gastronomic experience with an array of delicious local wines, including Cashew, Sorrel, Sour Sop, Pineapple, Nonie, and Blackberry wines.

From there you will make your way back to your drop-off location, passing by the famous 1812 British Angelican cathedral, Government House, Magistrate and Supreme Court Buildings.

Reserve your spot on this fully guided tour for an incomparable taste of Mayan and Belizean culture and cuisine. To do this excursion as PRIVATE the cost is $150.00 p.p.

Recommended Dress & Restrictions

We recommend wearing comfortable footwear, short pants or long pants (jeans), T-shirt, light Sunscreen and light bug repellent. 

Guests must be able to get in and out of transportation. Any guest with limited mobility should reconsider this tour as there is a flight of stairs to climb to access the restaurant. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.   

If your group size is more than 10 Persons (Pax)  email us with your details and we will send you an invoice via PayPal to complete your reservation.

Cancellation Policy