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 To provide an unforgetable experience of Belize to each guest, while educating and ensuring fun and safety. This is you vacation, and we are you friends, "Yu Betta Belize It!!" 


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"We are a team of Professional Authentic Yucatek/Mopan Maya Tour Guides. We preserve our ancient culture in our beloved sport and are proud to call ourselves the Regional Champions. 

Our Excursions are carried out with passion for our Country and our heritage. We invite you to take one of our Belize excursions with the Mystique Belize team members and you will embark on an enchanting adventure that you will never forget. Our Taste of Belize tour is a must do"

Carlos Perez




Our Professional Tour Guides will take you on a wonderful journey that will highlight our Beautiful Belize, our amazing Colonial History, and our ancient Maya beliefs and traditions while you take in the Mystique and Enchantment of the beautiful scenery on your activity. .

About Belize

Additional Information

 Located on the coast of the northeastern part of Central America rests the country of Belize. With various languages spoken and an array of cultural influences, Belize has developed into an extremely diverse country - this place is just waiting to be discovered and explored by the adventurous traveler on our Belize excursions! The climate of Belize is warm, with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees, so be sure to apply lots of sunscreen during your stay. If you forget to pack your own bottle, you can buy one at nearly any gift shop or supermarket; the Belize dollar is the standard currency, but almost all places accept US dollars. The dry season, between approximately late November to mid-April, yields less rain and more tourist activity than the rest of the year. However, it’s always a great time to visit Belize! This is a country that loves to celebrate, so check out the many Belize Holidays of the year while planning your vacation!

Belize boasts some of the most exciting, beautiful, and historical places you’ve ever seen, and we offer the best Belize tours to get you up close and personal with all this country has to offer. Travel back in time as you journey to an ancient Mayan ruin dating back to around 200 B.C with our Altun-Ha and Belize City Overview cruise tour. Book exciting Belize cruise excursions like our Cave Tubing day excursion for some adrenaline-packed fun going on a unique adventure as you tube through the underground cave system of Belize. Spend a relaxing day on the white sandy beaches with Belize shore excursions, including a chance to do some underwater activities by booking our Goff Caye Beach Break with Snorkeling shore excursion. 


Frequently Asked Questions



 Where is Belize? -
Located in Central America. To the North is Mexico, West and South is Guatemala and our East is blessed with the Caribbean Sea.

What is the Language Spoken?

What currency is used in Belize?

Belize Dollar. The Foreign Exchange rate is two Belize Dollars to One US Dollar. The US currency is accepted everywhere in Belize.

Do you need a visa to enter Belize?

Take a look at this list of all the Countries whose residents do not need a visa to enter Belize as a tourist for 30 days. Every other citizen not on the list needs a visa.

Is There an Exit Tax?

Yes. Leaving from the Philip Goldson International Arport (PGIA), the departure fee is USD $35.50 for non-Belizean residents (to be paid in US cash only) and BZD $35.00 for Belizean residents. 

Aditionally, a security fee of US $0.75 is charged for domestic security screening.

If you are leaving Belize through the Guatemala or Mexico border, the departure fee is BZD $40.00, which when subdivided, includes BZD $30.00 for a border exit fee, BZD $7.50 for a Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) conservation fee and BZD $2.50 for a boarder development fee.

The travelers that are staying less than 24 hours in Belize (i.e. backpackers travelling from Mexico to Guatemala or vice-versa), they don't have to pay the BZD $7.50 conservation fee. The Border exit and Development fees still apply. 

Can I Retire in Belize?


Belize maintains a special residency program for retirees known as the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP). To qualify for this program and gain official resident status in Belize, you must be at least 45 years old and have proven income of at least $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year, from a pension, annuity or another acceptable source. The qualifying sum must be regularly deposited into a bank in Belize to maintain your QRP status. However, once deposited in Belize, the funds remain under your full control and can be withdrawn or spent at will. Note that retirees with QRP status are exempt from Belize income tax. A person must also pass a security clearance and be able to remain in Belize for 30 consecutive days annually.

As of 2017, several fees are associated with the QRP. The nonrefundable QRP application fee is $150. Once accepted into the program, you must pay an applicant program fee of $1,000, in addition to $750 for each qualifying family member listed on the application (including spouses, children under 18 and in some specific cases, children up to the age of 23 if they can verify they are in school). An additional $200 fee is assessed upon delivery of your official QRP Residency Card. All told, the out-of-pocket cost for QRP status is $2,100 for a married couple. Once retired, there is an annual renewal fee of $50.

Learn More Through The Belize Tourism Board

What other languages are spoken in Belize?

English, Creole, Spanish, Maya, Garifuna, Chinese and German 

Is Cave Tubing Safe?

Yes. You do not need to know how to swim as you will be in your floatation device comfortably floating down the Caves Branch River. 

Speed Bumps?

Yes, lots. They are locally known as "Sleeping Police Men". Most of Belize is unspoiled tracts of jungle, rain forest, and verdant hills. In order to enforce speed limits inside towns and villages and near schools, Belize uses speed bumps instead of traffic lights.